A community-based podcast providing real-life mental health talks providing practical strategies for parents, children, teens, and schools.

Joel Pukalo, Family Life Psychology

Joel is a Registered Psychologist passionate about work collaboratively with the health and education sectors to bring about social change, cohesion, and connection. He works as a psychologist in private practice and also works with school districts in the Fort McMurray and the Edmonton area. Joel has experience providing mental health supports for adults, children, teenagers, and families. Joel is married to his wife Andrea who is also a registered psychologist. Together they have two beautiful daughters who are the pride and joy of their lives.

Mellanie Fraser, Fort McMurray Public Schools

Mellanie is a Registered Counselling Therapist that works as the Mental Health Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor for FMPSD. Mellanie has worked in Fort McMurray schools for over 16 years and has extensive experience working with their families.She resides in Fort McMurray with her husband and five children. She has over 30 years of experience working in schools, group homes, hospitals, and private practice.

Chantal Seymour, Fort McMurray Catholic Schools

Chantal is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and a Certified Trauma professional. Chantal has adopted a humanistic approach to mental health and counseling, understanding the importance of being true to ourselves and the power of mindful awareness. Chantal works as the Division Psychologist for the FMCSD, where she provides mental health support to students and families. She has been a part of the Fort McMurray Community for the last decade and part of the Catholic Schools Family for 4 years.

Technical Production

Miguel Borges – Fort McMurray Public School Division, Education Department
Conrad Drover – École McTavish Public High School, Computer Science and Media