Episode 5 – Depression, The Winter Blues & Hope for 2022

Mentally Preparing for 2022 – Fresh Vision & Hope

2021 has been an exhausting season for many. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like I have too much gas left in the tank for 2022. It’s tough to prepare mentally for a new season when you feel the light at the end of the tunnel is growing dim. 

Vision and hope are the light at the end of the tunnel that help us endure exhausting seasons. Our ability to see a positive future (vision) provides the hope that energizes us to keep going. 

Learning to embrace the darkness while focusing on the light that provides fuel to keep us moving forward in life. Developing a hopeful vision keeps us moving towards the light and helps us stay mentally strong, illuminating the path head in even the darkest seasons of life. 

Family Vision

  • How can I grow with each member of my immediate family this year?
  • How can I better understand the love languages of my spouse and children? How can I set aside intentional time each week express love to each member of my family?

Mental/Emotional Wellness Vision 

  • What mental or emotional baggage am I carrying into the new year? What steps do I need to take to offload past weights to start the year fresh? (Consider counselling, talking to a friend, or other personal growth activities.)
  • How can I create space to better process uncomfortable thoughts and feelings this year instead of letting them build up? (Consider ongoing scheduled counselling or mentorship meetings, daily prayer journaling or talking to a friend, and improved self-care practices.)
  • Schedule a nightly rest to create space to emotionally process with self or close loved ones. 

Physical Wellness Vision

  • What is one practical way I can better steward my physical health to experience more mental or emotional clarity?
  • Consider focusing on the area that most impacts your overall wellness (e.g. more consistent sleep schedule; physical activity; healthier).

Relational Vision

  • Write a list of the top ten people you spend the most time with. 
  • Sort your people into three categories: 
  • Giver (person who supports and energizes me)
  • Taker (person who I’m supporting and depletes my energy)
  • Reciprocal (friend who supports me as much as I support them)
  • Determine the givers and takers that you want to intentionally invest in this year.
  • Ensure you are spending more time outside of your job/role with givers instead of takers.

Vocational Vision

  • What aspects of my present job makes me feel fulfilled and purposeful? How can I spend more time completing energizing activities within my sweet spot?
  • What aspects of my present job makes me feel drained and exhausted? How can I ask for support from my team or work more strategically to feel less drained in my role?

Hobbies & Recreation

  • What are some ways I can have more fun this year?
  • What recreational activities best recharge my energy?

Spiritual Vision

  • How can I grow in my spiritual life this year? 
  • What spiritual activities do I need to schedule on a weekly basis to be the most recharging and fulfilling activities for me?

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